M together with M stands for “Mary Lou together with Manuel.” Mary Lou and Manuel Perez are my grandparents and let me just tell you, they are probably two of the best people that I have ever known. 


Ever since I can remember, they amazed me. Not only because of who they are as people, but because of their incredible, everlasting love for one another. I have never seen two people love each other better than Manuel and Mary Lou, even when their love was put to the test. Around Christmas of 2015, Manuel got very sick and Mary Lou was right by his side through it all. She held his hand, was a friend, and loved him so well till the day he passed away, January 10th, 2016. 


I can still remember the night before Papaw passed away and we were all standing around his bed thanking the good Lord for his life and for the impact he had made in all of our lives. I remember looking at Mamaw in the circle and smiling because of the way she was looking at Papaw….a look of incredible love and care. 


There was never a more perfect couple than Mary Lou and Manuel and the example that they set for all of those they have met and crossed paths with will remain forever. My website name is for me to remember their great love and what real love looks like every day. Love you Mamaw and Papaw.