What to Take When Traveling to the Beach

I strongly believe that winter break is only boring if you make it boring. Coming off of an amazing first semester I was determined not to make my break boring but exciting and full of adventure. However, I am a broke college student so I had to figure out a way to have excitement and adventure cheaply.

My little brother is a big surfer and had recently got a new wet suit that he had really been wanting to try out on the waves. So we decided to take the two and a half hour drive from San Antonio to Port A to hit the waves.

We left at 8 that morning and got there around 10:40; the drive was easy and my brother who really isn't a morning person was actually talking and being nice (probably because I agreed to drive 4 hours in one day with him). When we got there we rented a surf board for 20 dollars and drove strait to the pier. He surfed while I got to take pictures and relax with the beautiful scenery. There is something about being on the beach that reminds you how big the world is and how great our God is. Another plus, because we went right in the middle of winter there was NO ONE on the beach or in the water. It was as if we had our own personal island and we were freaking famous! Ha, I wish!

On the beach and during the drive we needed a couple of essentials that we got cheap and quick for our trip.

1. The first of course being food. For some reason beaches make me really hungry (I guess I’m always hungry though lol). I grabbed a large lunch box bag and stuffed in snacks like grapes, watermelon, hummus, lemonade, and orange juice. We also brought some dry snacks like pita chips, green apples, whole grain bread, peanut butter, jelly, and goldfish. TIP: don't forget a knife!! We forgot one and had a really hard time trying to make a peanut butter and jelly haha.

2. Second essential is blankets and pillows. Being at the beach during winter is low-key like being in a windstorm. There are no trees or buildings to block the wind so you get it full force. Thankfully, the sun was out and provided some warmth. A great and super picture worthy idea is to throw all of your pillows and blankets on top of your car and you have a little comfy and warm sitting area away from the sand and closer to the sun to keep you warm.

3. A change of clothes and another jacket are a must. The water WAS SO COLD and once you are out you may want another jacket to throw on when you change or even a whole new set of clothes. When my little brother got out of the water he was freezing. He had come to the beach in shorts and a thin jacket because he can’t plan. Lucky for him, he has an awesome sister who is a planner and had plenty of blankets to keep him warm. (;

4. Another must is two or three towels. You can use them to keep your car less sandy by placing the towels at your feet and then you can shake them out. In our case we used the towels to keep warm after the cold dips surfing.