San Antonio, Texas

I don't think I truly appreciated my home town, San Antonio, Texas, until I actually packed up moved into college and then started to miss home. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love UT and Austin, but there were just certain things that I missed about San Antonio that you can’t find in Austin.

For example, there is nothing like the rich Mexican culture in San Antonio. Even going to HEB it easy to see the HEB’s “Mexican flare." HEB is full of San Antonio Spurs merchandise, Mexican candies and Mexican hot chocolates. Living close to downtown and having a Mexican family I am always in the center of the San Antonio culture, needless to say when I went to college that culture didn't exactly follow me.

When I would tell people that I live in San Antonio they would always bring up the River Walk and the Alamo and while, these are both awesome. There is so much more to San Antonio than these tourist locations.

So, when I went home for the first time I decided to make my own path of my favorite locations and I would be ready next semester when my friends came home with me to see San Antonio. I needed a list of my favorites to show my friends the true San Antonio culture and do San Antonio some justice! This is my perfect travel blog of my favorite place: San Antonio, Texas.

Day One

the first stop we took was to the El Mercado or the Market. This is located right in the middle of downtown and the buildings are colorful and large. When you walk into the market the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. There is pretty much everything you think of when you say the word Mexican: cascarones, sombreros, woven headbands, Mexican shirts, etc. Its a great place to show off the culture of San Antonio.

The second stop is located towards the end of the Mexican Market on the corner and it is a Fruit store (Fruteria Cano). When you walk in hold your excitement if you are a fruit lover because this place has all the fruit you could ever want. When I went I got the pineapple snow cone in a pineapple and WOW was it not only sure cute but super delicious. You cant go wrong with any choice; the store is a great way to cool off after a hot day spent in the market.

Day Two

The best place on Earth: Travis Wholesale Florists. When you walk in it looks like a pretty clustered place but walk all the way to the left into the big white doors and get ready for shock. Its a giant refrigerator full of freshly cut flowers and beautifulness. We bought some flowers and then walked right across the street to a blue tiled doorway to snap some pics of our flowers. These are perfect pics to brag about your visits to San Antonio!

After flower shopping head over to SA Pops or Rise Up, both amazing options. SA pops is an adorably cute hole in the wall run by probably the cutest lady I have ever seen. It has every flavor of Mexican pop you can imagine plus snow cones, plus ice cream and everything is delicious (I’ve tried it all #oops). The second option is Rise Up. Rise Up’s main claim to fame is their acai bowls. There are so many flavors and they are so delicious. My favorite is the Lavender Bowl it literally comes with edible flower (yes).

To end the day relax by going to The Pearl or finding a cute place to eat dinner on the river walk like The Luxury. Maybe even take some time to hit the Alamo and River Walk, both beautiful locations. Needless to say, I am ready for people to come home with me so I can take them to all my favorite places that I think truly show what San Antonio, Texas is all about. So hurry up and come visit me!! (;