Toastin Bri

The finsta craze. For those of you that don’t know what it is let me try and explain...So everyone has their real instagram that is cute and fun and makes you look like the best person in the world but then people are making second instagrams or finstas (aka fake instas). On these fake instas is the realness of life, seriously no messing around. The finstas are a total 360 of an insta with make up free selfies, real truths, thoughts and really everyday random stuff. When I figured out about the finsta crazy I had to make one! However, I didn’t want it to be a regular finsta but something different. I had been making cool toast in my dorm that were pretty photogenic so I decided to make a toastagram (toast Instagram). Brilliant. Haha laughing at myself while I type that, honestly a toastagram? Lol.

My toastagram is called @toastinbri and has pretty much every type of toast that you can think of. I make the toast in my dorm with literally what we have in our fridge/pantry. I think I kind of missed the point of a finsta being reality because these toast look super put together and honestly like I tried really hard (I did lol). But none the less the toast are all nutritionally healthy and delicious. Down below are some of the toast pics and what is on them. Toast is the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner item. Toast is also very photogenic if you are looking for a picturesque picture for you Instagram. Enjoy and check out @toastinbri (self plug ha).

cream cheese, rasberries, blueberries, lemon zest, pumpkin seeds

cream cheese, chia seeds, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, honey

banana, nutella

edamame, thyme, pumpkin seeds, ricotta cheese

banana, honey, granola, peanut butter

egg, avocado, pepper

strawberries, apples, almonds, hemp seeds, honey, peanut butter

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