"I Don't Read"

In the past, I was never an avid book reader. If you had asked me what my favorite book was, I would have probably started laughing and told you, “I don’t read.” But as I write this, I confess that I now love to read books. Wait, what? I went from an “I don’t read” to an “I love to read” girlie in two sentences? Let me explain - ha!

I was driving around Austin one Saturday afternoon and ended up at Whole Foods. I went in to grab some dinner for that night and right as I was getting in my car about to leave, I saw the Family Christian Store and to make things even better, the windows were covered in big SALE signs. I am not one to pass up any Christian Store or the word SALE in big red letters.

Turned out that since the store was closing, many things had already been sold, which really just left a majority of one thing in the store: books. Imagine my delight. I came across a few books that didn’t look so terrible – they were colorful, had cute font, and were just really appealing to the eye. Because they were all marked down to $7, I bought them all. Little did I know this simple purchase would speak truth to me so well and change my heart to fall in love with reading. The Lord used these books to give my quiet times a breath of fresh air and to teach me so much.

She Reads Truth by Rachel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams

This was the first book out of the three that I read, and after the first chapter, I fell in love with it. The book dives into the lives of the authors. The authors are real about their doubts of their faith and their breakthroughs to growth. The book presents an idea and points it back to the Bible. I would read a chapter a day as my quiet time and reflect in my journal. I loved how God used this book to make me want Him more and grow closer to Him. I recommend this book for Christian girls who feel like they don’t know God like they want to. This book will bring you closer no doubt. Also super cute cover for super cute Instagram pics. (;

My Heart by Julie Manning

This is the story of how a God - loving mother finds out she is diagnosed with a heart disease that could take her at any moment. The book is an in-depth testimony, backed up with scripture and loving advice. When I read this book, I was dealing with some losses of my own. Again, the Lord used a book to change my outlook on things. This is the perfect book if you are struggling with loss – through the reasoning and truth in this book your heart will heal. Julie Manning takes us through her journey of life and helps us realize that life is fragile, so we should walk each day like Jesus would.

Wait and See by Wendy Pope

In life, we experience so many seasons of waiting, whether small or big periods of time…we have all been there. We wait on various things: a proposal, a best friend, a major, test results and so much more. In this book, Wendy shows us how to combat waiting the right way. She talks from experience and through each chapter shows her readers how to be in a season of waiting as a daughter of the King. This is a pretty perfect book for anyone, especially those who feel like they are praying and praying and not getting anything. I love this book because at the end, there is a whole chapter that you get to write. Writing this chapter made me realize how I needed to wait the right way on the things I felt like I was waiting on.

I think this blog post is proof that God can change us. Even for something as simple as making me a girl who would never pick up a book in her free time, to a girl who looks forward to the times she gets to read books based off of the Word. The Lord knew that I needed to hear His truth in a certain way. Each of these books changed something different in me. I love that God knows exactly how to reach us and get us to look at things the way he wants us to see them. He never fails to meet us right where we are. Yay for reading!! You never know…maybe one of these books might have the same impact on you as they did to me. (: