Pink Party

The other day, I was planning to hang out with my twin cousins, so I browsed the ever-amazing Pinterest to search for ideas that would make me seem like the cool cousin. I somehow ended up with the words "pink party" typed into my search bar (I would). So, we had a pink party! It was so cute and the girls LOVED it, definitely scored me some cool cousin points.

For the set up, it was very simple: walk into Michaels and Whole Foods and buy anything that was light pink. For the table decorations, I used light pink spray-painted mason jars recycled from my college dorm room last year. We used those for our drinks, and silverware that we bought at Michaels for $5. Also at Michaels we found paper with pineapples on it and got some different patterns. You can pretty much get your whole pink party at Michaels, minus the food. We bought flowers at Whole Foods, as well as what looked like delicious Grapefruit sparkling pink drink. We were so excited to try the pink drink because it was so pretty; however it was not as delicious as it looked. Took an L with the cute pink sparkling water. You could honestly dye water pink with food color and throw some lemons in and be good to go or maybe go for pink lemonade.

We decided to make a little dessert and bought ice cream cones, white chocolate (that we dyed light pink and green), and sprinkles. We made cones dipped in white chocolate covered in sprinkles. So Cute. We found cotton candy to be our “ice cream” but I think using actual ice cream would be equally as fun.

If you need any ideas for a fun day hanging with young girls, this was so fun for the girls and so cute. They loved dipping the cones and covering them in sprinkles. They loved helping to set up the pink party, and didn't even mind the clean up because we had so much fun ;)