Healthy Protein Pancakes

I am obsessed with pancakes. They are my favorite food group. However, they are pretty unhealthy and sometimes after eating a big stack of buttermilk pancakes my stomach can't hang. I wanted to find pancakes that were as delicious as buttermilk pancakes but also made me feel healthy and ready for my day.

Hence my favorite pancake mix: Protein pancake mix. This stuff is so good; I think I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner 4 times in a row one week, mostly because I was out of money to buy food #collegegirl but also because they taste so good. They are so easy to make and you can top them with your favorite fruit for the finishing touch. So for all those college students ballin on a budget out there but still want to be semi-healthy, these are the pancakes for you. These pancakes come in a huge bag of mix and last a long time. On the Progenex website, where you buy the pancakes, they explain how they make the pancakes taste so good and how they are healthy at the same time. The cakes have a wicked amount of protein with 12g in each pancake. Starting off any day with a protein filled breakfast is always gonna be a good day. Their website has a lot more information on the goods packed in these pancakes.

To make your pancakes you simply add water and mix. On my pancakes I love to put sliced up bananas which have a lot of potassium, blueberries containing antioxidants, honey and hemp seeds for even some more protein; protein galore. They are delicious. Happy pancake eating!