How Far Jesus has Taken Me

The summer of my junior year of high school, I got the chance to work at a Christian summer camp. I was nervous and excited. I had no idea what to expect, and little did I know this is when Jesus would start my pursuit for Him.

I look back and laugh fondly at this story because it really speaks to how far I have come and just how much God can change anyone’s heart regardless of where they are in life. Before summer camp began, I showed up for what they call “training week” where there are no campers quite yet. It is a week for all the coaches to get to know each other and get ready for the arrival of the campers. I got there a day late because I had just come back from vacation. Right when I got there we gathered into a large gym. I was sitting next to my best friend as the people in charge explained what the plan for the day was and that we would be doing some quiet time in the gym right then. At that point in my life, I had no idea what quiet time was, so I proceeded to lean over to my friend and ask her what to do during this so called “quiet time.” She replied with, “You know, just read your Bible.”

Still confused, I followed what the masses were doing and went to sit alone. I got out my Bible and a journal, still trying to do what the masses were doing. I looked up to check out everyone else and I saw something that would kick start God’s fight to bring my heart near to Him. I looked at all these kids my age and each one of them had their Bibles open, reading intently or writing in their notebooks. They all looked so peaceful and calm as if they were in conversation with someone. I realized in that moment that my fellow coaches had something that I did not…Jesus.

That summer and every day following, the Lord would become bigger and bigger in my life. He would help me surrender my sin and set me free in joy. He would take my hands and lead me to people and places that spoke truth and boasted Him.

The other day, I was having one of those days. Everything had gone wrong and I was just not vibing with the day. I sat down that afternoon to have quiet time and the Lord began to speak over my day and remind me of who He was. I took a look back through my journal and was amazed at how far the Lord has brought me in my relationship with Him. I thought of the camp incident when I didn’t even know what quiet time was and really was amazed of who God was! That’s the kind of God I want to lay my life down for.

I don’t think that I will ever be able to understand how good God is and how much He can change anyone. But something that I think that everyone should latch onto is how far they have come in their own walks with Christ. Our testimonies are God’s way of showing how He had moved in us. He calls us to be proud of what He is doing in us and through us. It gives me perspective and vision to realize how far the Lord has brought me and makes me so expectant of how much farther I will go. Let’s never forget how far we have come.