Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland just might be the most beautiful place on the Earth. Decided I had to try my best to share my experiences and write an Iceland travel blog. (here we go!) The minute we stepped off the plane and into the crisp Iceland air, we were shocked. Surrounding us were hills of green, vibrant moss and the air seemed so fresh and light. We had just spent five hours in a plane so the cold air was so refreshing.

We hopped on a bus and made our way to the Blue Lagoon, a main tourist attraction for visitors. It was caused because of some kind of volcanic action, very cool stuff. It is basically a giant, light blue, very aesthetic hot tub. The drive over was beautiful. After we got to the lagoon, we made our way through the pathway that looked like a beautiful cave, as high rocks surrounded it. They showed us around and welcomed us into the lagoon. They explained that we got a free drink of our choice and a free face mask while in the lagoon. Amazing!

We threw on our bathing suits and took the mandatory shower before getting in. I tried to not get my hair wet but that was one powerful shower. Ha! We tried to take some pictures, but it was so COLD, so we decided to try and take them later. We hopped in and I immediately felt relaxed; it was SO calming and SO beautiful. I felt like a really cool mermaid in her blue pool. We waded around the pool, drinking from the Icelandic water fountain they had inside the lagoon. We made our way over to the face mask station and they gave us mud masks that looked pretty funny, but our skin was so soft afterwards. Next, we went to get our drinks, mine being a green smoothie. Iceland is very big on their fruit juices and I loved it. Before leaving we got some pictures and called it a success.

Later that day, strangle-ly enough, I ran into my brother who just happened to be in Iceland at the same time as us! Crazy! We all went on a Puffin tour together. It was so fun to laugh with him and be with him and his friends. We may have seen Puffins, but they were very small and I didn’t have my glasses on, so I can’t quite be sure they were there, haha!! Our tour guide would point to some areas on the rocks but honestly I don't think any of us actually saw a Puffin!! Regardless, the boat ride out was very cool and needless to say so beautiful. Any time with family is always a good time.

We ended the day relaxing in our hostel. I feel asleep quickly at 7pm (lol), still tired after a long previous day of airport travel. We were still getting used to the time change so we all woke up simultaneously at 4am. Lucky for us the sun rises early so we got to catch the most beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean. We got on the bus to the airport and caught the plane to our next adventure: Berlin.