Prague, Czech Republic

Because God is cool and loves to give us the desires of our hearts, I got to spend four weeks in the Czech Republic in Prague (or Praha as the locals say) and it was nothing less than fabulous. I was in a photography study abroad program where we went around Prague and took photographs of anything and everything. I could write forever about all the wonders that are traveling to Prauge, but I chose a few pictures and moments that really just make me smile.

The first thing that made me smile are the seemingly endless flowers that seem to layer the Czech Republic. There are so many flowers everywhere. Anyone who knows me knows that flowers are my obsession: I wear them, love them and always want to be around them. We took an excursion day a little out of the city and landed in this amazing flower garden. The garden was full of different colors of roses and the background was the Czech mountains. Being in the garden made me feel blessed that our God brings us to places just because he knows it will be special for us.

The second thing that made me fall in love with the city of Prague was the food. There is just so much good food everywhere you turn. I always felt so hip when I went to a Prague grocery store and proceeded to take the Metro home. I felt like I was almost a local! We loved making meals and eating them on our obnoxiously, wonderfully large porch. Other days we would grab cheese and fruit and take it to the park down the street. Always filled with good conversation, food, and watching sunsets: a true dream.

The final thing that made traveling to Prague amazing was the people I was with. If I would have been in Prague by myself, I don’t think that I would have had as much fun as I did. No, I know I wouldn’t have had as much fun as I did. You know what they say: the people make the place. My fellow students in my study abroad program are simply amazing. Our combined personalities were comical and walking through our days in Prague together was so fabulous. I even got to experience being overseas with two of my best girls that I knew before that summer. They flew up from Italy and Denmark where they were studying abroad and I got to spend a weekend with them in Prague. It was a dream. Again, I felt blessed that the God I serve gave me incredible people to experience traveling with.

I loved being in Praha for four weeks and can’t wait to go back someday! Let me know if you are going soon and need some tips for places to see and things to do. I may be able to help! Travel Prague forever!

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