Berlin, Germany

We landed in Berlin and I immediately felt like I was in a super cool retro spy movie. You walk outside of the airport and are surrounded by all these old buildings. It’s a busy city, packed with a lot of history and amazing food. On our first day, we went to walk along the famous East Side Gallery, a long wall full of all these amazing, intricate murals. The wall is a memorial to the fall of the Berlin Wall. We continued through the city and wandered into a bakery and I had the most delicious croissant ever. The croissants were just appetizers as we found ourselves eating at an Asian restaurant within the next hour. The food in Berlin is simply fantastic; trust me I would know as I single handedly ate my way through Berlin, all within two days! To finish off the day we found a flower store that had my name all over it. I love flowers and finding them in Berlin…now that was a win for me.

Day two brought a free tour of the city courtesy of our hostel and of course more delicious food. During our tour we came across this fabulous pink building. My favorite color is light pink and the only clothes I had brought for the five weeks I would be traveling were yellow and pink, so seeing the pink building was really exciting. It was an opera house but I’m sure they would take one look at my pink closet and give me the building to live in! ha!

On our last day, I made it my mission to spend all my Euros as I wouldn’t need them for our next destinations. We found ourselves at a vintage outdoor market where I bought a ring and photography prints. I spent my last Euros on a cup of mint tea; however this was not the mint tea I was expecting; they gave me hot water with a lot of mint leaves in it: mint tea, Berlin style.

We took the train out of Berlin on our way to Prague. It was a four hour train ride and actually so beautiful. The sun was setting during our ride so it made it a perfect setting to sit with Jesus read my Bible and praise him. In that moment He reminded me that He blesses us so that we may bless others. Berlin was fabulous and so beautiful! Thank you Jesus for Berlin.