Park City, Utah

I can always confidently say mountains when people ask the question: “So, mountains or beach?” I can’t believe that I am now just getting around to posting this blog but you know what they say, better late than never! (; We are about to leave to go skiing, so I decided to finally fish out the pictures of this years summer mountain trip and get excited about being in those beautiful mountains very soon again.

Towards the end of this recent summer, my mom, dad and I got to go to Park City Utah and spend the best week there. The summer weather in a lot of mountain towns is kind of like winter in Texas: sunny and 75 degrees. To go along with the dreamy weather, we had the cutest Airbnb. One of my mom’s talents is her ability to find the coolest Airbnbs. It was so welcoming and right on Main Street which was so fun.

We did lots and lots of hiking and eating. One of my favorite places to go in any mountain town is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I am a chocoholic and dance at the sight of chocolate. I also tried my first ever pink drink from Starbucks. I think it was easily the sweetest and most aesthetic drink ever. Would I get it again? Maybe. I am a pretty loyal chia tea latte Starbucks fan. (: When my mom and I hike, it always turns into us laughing really hard and walking up the mountain really slow because there is so much beauty to stop and look at. As we were walking, we saw a “Worship” sign and walked that way immediately.

We got to sit down and spend time with Jesus in the MOUNTAINS.

It was the coolest place I have ever had quiet time in and so sweet of Jesus to give me and my mom that time with Him on the mountain.

On our last day, I went on my first solo hike ever. Comical is the word that comes to mind when I think of that solo hike. While I was up there, I think I saw one other person, and maybe got lost 4 times. I had to attempt to pee in the forest. Dealt with some allergies. Thankfully no animals! It was quite the hike but SO beautiful when I got to the top. You could see the whole town of Park City. A perfect way to end the trip.

Thankful for big mountains that our Creator has made for us to explore. I can’t wait to be back in the mountains, this time in Breckenridge, Colorado, but much love for Park City Utah always.