Doss, Texas

There is nothing quite like a family road trip. My family is pretty spontaneous, and we always end up planning random-day-before road trips. This time it was to Doss, Texas. I had never heard of the place before but was excited to go. It is very close to Fredericksburg, Texas, so in true road trip fashion of stopping at all the cool places before the final destination, we decided to go to Enchanted Rock before heading to Doss.

My little brother is into climbing massive rocks like the ones at Enchanted Rock. He took us to his favorite climbing spot which was a giant cliff that was actually so huge and terrifying, but as you sat on it longer it got less and less scary. The hike up was so beautiful and the different rock colors really caught my eye. You can totally tell you are in Texas by the cactus that line the pathways. We got to step into his world as he showed us the ropes of climbing. I think my dad was the funniest climber – he made us all laugh so hard, but he DID it and that’s a cool dad right there!

After Enchanted Rock, we headed over to the ever loyal HEB; we got dinner to cook and headed to good ole’ Doss, Texas. Thank goodness we stopped for dinner before we got there because it seems all of Doss, Texas is ranches and empty fields. We found my mom and dad’s Airbnb and my brother and I set up our tents outside the Airbnb. Before heading out to the cold and our tents, we had some hot chocolate and muffins that were so delicious. Let me just say…it was quite the night!

It was pretty chilly that night, so I had a lot of layers on and it just so happened that the tent I was using hadn’t been used in a while. It rained that night and I woke up halfway through the night with my tent LEAKING! Haha! All I could do was laugh. I tried to mend the leak best I could and headed back to sleep. Next thing I know, I wake up and am being attacked by a HOG. Okay, okay that is just me over-reacting, but I promise there was something out there sniffing around my tent and I HOPE it was a hog and not something scarier. In between leaks, bathroom breaks and hogs, I think I maybe got 4 hours of sleep? However, it was so worth it to wake up and catch the last moments of the big, starry skies and then watch the amazing sunrise.

I would highly recommend spontaneous, random road trips. They always make for the best and funniest adventures