Oahu, Hawaii

Because Jesus is good and loves to give us the desires of our hearts, my family and I got to go to Hawaii this past Christmas break and it was everything and more than we expected. The first Island we went to was Oahu, which was not at all what I was expecting. We stayed at Waikiki Beach, which is huge, has sky rise buildings, and Austin-like traffic. My mind had Hawaii set a few years back from modern buildings and I really thought it would be all beaches and tiny cute shacks. However, I was quickly proven wrong by Oahu. We stayed at the coolest hotel called The Laylow. It had rooms with such fun colors and ukuleles. There was a coffee shop called Hideout Coffee within the hotel as well. It was just a quick walk to the beach and so fun to be in the middle of the bustling city of Waikiki.

On our first day there, I got to go to the beach and have quiet time with Jesus. I truly think that I have my best quiet times on the beach. I had just gotten a new Bible for Christmas from Hosanna Revival, an amazing custom Bible store, and loved getting to watch the waves and listen to the voice of Jesus through the new Bible. Later that day we went on an amazing hike. It was one of those hikes where you are never sure if you are going the right way but somehow you eventually find your way. It looped through a bamboo forest and ended up at fresh waterfalls that were icy cold, but so refreshing. The hike was so muddy because it had rained earlier so afterwards we were all laughing and covered head-to-toe in mud.

Our final day in Oahu was spent on the impressive North Shore. My brother, the surfer of the family, educated me as he told me this is where the famous surfers surf. He explained that people come from all over the world with one goal: surf the North Shore. The waves were absolutely HUGE! We got to watch some of the surfers do their thing and I was so impressed, they were truly killing it out there. After a while we went to find the Sunrise Shack, the reason I wanted to go to the North Shore. This is a cute, famous little yellow shack with, drum roooolllll, acai bowls, yes, no surprise there for me. They were amazing, and I loved every minute of my time around that cute little yellow shack. Because we were in Hawaii, we went and ate again, this time coconuts and Caesar salads, just to balance out all that acai. (:

I loved Oahu. I have never been the biggest “city girl” so I was really excited for our next stop. I had heard it is the most beautiful island on Hawaii: Kauai.