Worthy Anthem

Think about this. What if you are walking down the street just having a regular old day. You are thinking about your to-do list in your head and mentally checking off the things you have done. You are so lost in your own thoughts that you don’t see her approaching with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She touches your arm and you pop out your headphones confused. She hands you the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen and simply says, “You are so loved.” She quietly walks away, and you stand there and smile, as it processes that a stranger just handed you a bouquet of flowers.

When Jesus started speaking the words “steadfast love” over me this semester, I wasn’t even sure what the word steadfast meant. I did some classic dictionary research and found some definitions, but the word that kept standing out to me was “unwavering.” Next, I went to the Bible and found so many rich Psalms that talk about the steadfast love of Jesus and then Jesus started to speak. Together we defined steadfast love as an unwavering sense of worth, patience beyond understanding and stillness.

I think for a while I was doing what the lady with the headphones was doing. I had been so wrapped up in my mind and my own thoughts. But recently, Jesus has been asking me to take off those headphones. He has been asking me to show steadfast love to Him like He shows it daily to me. He has been asking me to have patience, grace and stillness in my days. All of His guidance is leading me to step into the one thing that we all long for: the feeling of being worthy. He has made me feel so worthy. Whether He is whispering words of who He says I am during worship or He is blessing me with things that I know I don’t deserve; He makes me feel like a princess who is strong and fearless.

Circumstances change daily. The lady with the headphones might have been having the worst or best day of her life but it didn’t matter because Jesus was going to make her feel worthy either way. He celebrates with us, but man He also sits with us in the scary parts of life. He sits with us in the waiting and the searching. I’m thankful for a God who I know that I can count on always because of His steadfast love for me. I am forever worthy because of whose I am.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Romans 15:13