Holy Love

There are so many different kinds of love in this world. There is the love for our really cute dogs. The love for our favorite late time snack. The love for the people that mean the most to us, like friends and family. And then there is this type of love that I’m sitting here trying to wrap my mind around: holy love. This kind of love was created by the greatest act in history. This kind of love was created by a Father sending his beloved son to die for everyone else. The word holy love oozes out of every corner of the resurrection story and out of our own stories.

Our stories, our testimonies, are what make us…well, us. When I used to tell my story, I only told the parts that made me look like I had everything under control. I told the parts that weren’t scary or sinful. Over the years, I have realized that changing my story made me believe that I had to bottle up the places of my testimony I never shared and place them in a corner of my soul where only I knew where they were. As Jesus would have it, that corner in my heart became so crowded and I needed release.

Something really beautiful happens when your only option is Jesus.

After I started spending time with Him two years ago, I received glimpses of what He meant when He said that we are made new in Him. I learned that all He wants is for me to come as I am. All these things I had been trying to control for so long started to be let out. I remember sitting down with the people that I love and trust and telling them all those parts of my testimony that were bottled up. The parts I was always so scared to share.

Vulnerability truly wins.

The friends and family looked back at me usually with tears in their eyes telling me how worthy I am and how Jesus died for those sins. The feelings of release that I didn’t have to carry the weight of my sins was undeniable.

I started understanding how Jesus sees me and wants me. He showed me that He still wants to use me for His glory. He whispered that there is no one too broken for Him to use and love. He transformed the girl who couldn’t even tell her testimony to a girl who couldn’t wait to share it!

The thing is, the holy love of Jesus was always there for me. It has always been there for us. When we are in the midst of our sins and our hearts are so lost, His holy love beckons us. Jesus stands there always with His hand extended and all we have to do is take it. I didn’t take it until I felt like Jesus was the only option - but you can take it today no matter what! YOU can experience a love that is nothing like any of the loves that you have experienced before. There is no story or person too sinful or lost for Jesus. Today I belive that your winter is over! He is the ultimate restorer and wants to give you His holy love for eternity.

Something really amazing will happen if you choose to take that extended hand of Jesus; take it and find out. (: