You Turned my Mourning into Dancing

You have turned my mourning into dancing.

I sat and really truly puzzled this simple line in Psalm 30. In that moment, a lot of things in life just looked pretty disappointing…they didn't seem to be covered in Jesus, and just pretty hazy. I sat there and almost laughed at the fact that Jesus could turn my mourning into dancing. I thought to myself, “It’s not that easy.” As usual Jesus would prove me wrong.

Jesus is someone who is always there to celebrate. He is always there to bless us and laugh with us. He is such a happy guy! Truly! But MAN he is always there in our pain. He is there to comfort us. There to remind us who we are and how we get to claim a life with Him.

One year ago, my sweet Grandpa passed away. He was one of my favorite men on this Earth and now one of my favorite men in Heaven. I remember that season being one of mourning for me and my family. I remember the feelings of pain, loss, confusion and so much more. The feelings of heartache were so real, and Jesus met me right in them.

When we go through suffering and heartache we sometimes want to be so quick to blame God, but what if instead, we were so quick to realize how he sits with us in the pain. His love is too great to not feel what we are feeling. He has been on this Earth and He has experienced overwhelming sadness; He knows what our sadness is like.

Lately I have been learning what it looks like to let Jesus into my disappointments and pain. He whispers to me how strong I am. He blesses me with things I loves and He catches all my tears. I think that there are two options when we are faced with sadness. We can either take on the pain alone or we can step in to mourning with Jesus and have him teach us how to dance on our mourning. It’s a fight to dance on our mourning but with Jesus by our side, anything is possible. How long until we can all realize that the pain and brokenness in the world is where Jesus is most? He never leaves His sons and daughters dry, always meeting us in the wilderness.

He turns our deserts into oceans.

My sweet grandpa is gone but he is living it up in Heaven and I can’t wait to see him one day. During that season, Jesus met me more than ever in my mourning and together we learned how to put the sadness and pain underneath my feet and Jesus taught me how to dance on it. Jesus always has joy for us even in seasons of pain; the fight to dance for joy is something worth fighting for.

He truly can turn our mourning into dancing.