Holy Spirit

I just really wanted to write a blog post on how alive and thriving the Holy Spirit is. In the Bible it talks about how the Good Shepherd will speak to his sheep (John 10:27-28). The past three years I have found this sweet verse in the Bible to be so valid and so true. His word does not return void. I would hear people talk three years ago starting sentences with, “I feel like the Lord said…” and then inserting what they felt He said. I was curious and wanted to know how in the world they talk to someone that I saw then as more of an authority figure than a friend. I started to pray consistently to hear His voice. Not only would the Father answer that prayer but He would also help me understand that while He is my authority He really wanted the position as my best friend in my life. Such a sweet guy. (: One of the most wild things other than die on the cross that I believe that Jesus did was decide to give us the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). See the thing is, He’s desperate. He is so incredibly desperate to talk to us. There was no way He was going to die on the cross never to speak to us again. Quite the opposite, He wants to lead us. He wants to help us choose what to get at the grocery store, if we should go to grad school and so much more. He is always trying to talk to us; I find that a lot of times we just aren’t listening. Back three years ago when I started to press in to hear the voice of Jesus I also started asking people about it. I wanted to know how they heard Him. This is one of my favorite conversations to date. I asked a girl who I knew was well-seasoned in hearing Him and she simply said, “Well ask Jesus what He thinks about you.” So following her lead I closed my eyes and waited. It wasn’t the booming voice I was expecting; if I hadn’t been listening His voice could have been ridden off as my own thoughts. The thing is, He was telling me I was worthy, confident and beautiful...all things that three years ago I didn’t believe about myself. I knew the Father was speaking to me. The next three years I would finally give Him room to speak. He was always speaking before, I just wasn’t listening. Thank you Jesus that you pursue hearts no matter how much you are shoved to the side, we love you! Through hearing Him and leading with His Holy Spirit I would learn that I am worthy, confident and beautiful. That’s a lesson that the Holy Spirit teaches with flying colors every time; I am honored to have learned it from Him. Give it a shot. Try talking to the Father who really wants to be your best friend. His voice always points back to the Bible and is always compassionate. Ask Him what He thinks about you. He loves to shower His children in encouragement and tell them how amazing they are. He is so fun!!! Let us always hear your voice Father!!!