I’ve been thinking a lot about the word "child." Jesus says His children will receive the kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 19:13-15, Matthew 18: 2-5). Not only will the children of the Lord receive the kingdom of Heaven, but they will be the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.

As I learned and thought more, the question the Holy Spirit brought to my heart was what does it mean to be a child of the Lord. I knew well what it meant to be a child of the world because I think we all learn that lesson fairly early. So, I went there first and started to think about what it means to be a child of the world. For me it meant asking whatever questions I had whenever I had them, eating Lunchables, creating wonderful things out of nothing, needing my mom and dad’s help with everything, dreaming about the future, never dreaming about what wouldn’t happen in the future and so much more. The Lord asked me the question of when I thought that I wasn’t a child anymore. I wasn't sure, but eventually landed on the answer: when I went to college and was semi-responsible for my funds, etc. He revealed to me that when I feel like a child today, the feeling usually comes when I have questions, feel lost, scared or get frustrated. I love Jesus’ questions. He led me into a really sweet place where he revealed to me that actually, I am still a child today, but I am a child of the Lord not a child of the world.

He helped me understand that the ways we live when we are actual children link to the ways He wants us to live with Him today. As a society, we believe that if someone who is 22 is called a child, it is not a compliment, but rather an insult. However, I think that if we use the word child with the sense of the Holy Spirit behind it, rather than the world, it is a compliment.

I have been asking the Lord what His children look like and together we have landed on some really beautiful things.

1 John 2: 12-14 calls out all the things that the children of the Lord are. We are forgiven, we are known by Jesus, we have won our battles with the evil one, we are strong and God’s word lies in our hearts. The Lord began to minister to my heart and explained that to be a child means feeling things like fear or feeling lost, bringing it straight to Him and allowing Him to fill the voids and heal. He showed me that being a child is carrying the same atmosphere of curiosity and wonder that children of the world carry.

The Father gave me this picture of a little girl learning to climb monkey bars. As she is climbing them she is wobbly and her father has to hold her up. However, as she does it again and again she gets stronger and stronger and soon enough she doesn’t need the father to hold her, but he never leaves and stands right beside her, always cheering her on. I listened as the Father told me that his children learn to grow in strength with Him and they are able to receive help and ask for it.

I want to be a child of the Lord. All I want to do with my whole life is look at Jesus and see Him in everything. I think that there is something so beautiful about surrendering who we are and letting the Father change us and heal us. I truly believe that Jesus wants to bring us all back into the place of being the children we once were.

The children who just did what their parents said and lived in wonder of the world.

I believe the Lord will heal and redeem all His believers to bring them back into that sweet place of being childlike. In 1 John 4 it talks about how we as believers belong to God and that makes us children. I really don’t want to know myself at all from the eyes of the world; I have been there and it leads to dark, twisted lies. I only want to know myself like Jesus knows me and that means knowing that I am a child. I get to learn and make mistakes. I get to be told how amazing I am by my Dad. I get to see His wonders and I get to understand that I am a righteous child of God.

I am so here to learn to live with a child spirit.

Happy isolation!

love ya'll (: