The Harvest

There is a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson that says,

"Don't judge a day based on the harvest you reap but based on the seeds you plant."

Someone told me that saying a few months ago and it is written on the front page of my journal. The Lord will show me a quote, scripture or sometimes even a painting at the beginning of a season and I will have no idea what it means. If I do think I have an idea, I am usually completely wrong. I love Jesus! I started this season believing in the prize rather than the journey. My mindset was to forget the journey, I just want the prize; the freedom. I didn't realize it, but I was looking for the daily harvest rather than focusing on the daily sowing of seeds.

This summer, one of my plans was to lead a team to Cape Town on mission. As you can guess, the three month summer trip has been canceled in light of the pandemic. As I processed my disappointment, Jesus spoke the sweetest words,

"Bri, sometimes for me, it is more about the journey than the harvest. I love the harvest but I am after your heart. I want to love you deeply, to take you into sweet seasons of learning."

I almost felt like I had lost something. Like I had lost some kind of prize by having the summer plans gone. However, slowly but surely I started to understand. Thinking about the months leading up to our soon to be departure date, I realized all I had learned. I finally began to clearly see that something incredibly monumental was happening during our preparation stages for the summer. Along the way, I had been falling more in love with Jesus, Abba.

The Lord's only end game is the one where we fall more deeply in love with Him and He gets to show us who we are. The seeds are just as important as the harvest. The harvest is what we all want, but I would't be surprised if the Lord's favorite moments are when the seeds of patience, humility, compassion, diligence and so many more, are planted. He takes joy in the journey of each of our seeds growing. He is the best gardener I know. He takes our prayers of surrender and our pleas to change our heart and helps them grow into a harvest that He is so delighted to hand us; the harvest of constant surrender and the harvest of a heart changed.

I know so many of us have had things change over the last few weeks, but today think of all the seeds you have planted with Abba on your way to your end game. We are a people of end games, which is a beautiful thing, but maybe for this season it's time to release whatever our plans were and to be a people who celebrate the journey of planting seeds; knowing full well that every single day we live and seek Jesus, He is celebrating because we have met His end game:

to fall in love with Him.