A battlefield that is strewn about with a lifetime of scattered pieces

A man walks among the ruins and looks with compassion, in the midst He sees His daughter

She cries as she is lost but the man doesn’t see someone broken He sees her rightly and in purity

He runs towards her and sits down next to her in the midst of the ruins

He wraps his arms around her and together they weep for a long time

There’s no rush

The gift of tears is a precious one


they lift their heads and sit and watch as the ruins get covered in dense beautiful greenery

They laugh for a long time

There’s no rush

It’s good to stay for a long time in the moments of joy

The daughter smiles

She deeply knows the one who has caused all this life to spring up out of ruins is the one who sits beside her

She has truly been conquered by His love.

Been meditating these last few months on Jesus as healer and savior. Thankful He picked us up out of our ruins!